Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What's in a dream?

Over the holidays I has a series of weird dream. Seeing people I know in odd settings. Odd situations. Who knows was I was eating before bed. This morning my wife was in a foul mood. OK. What's up?

She had a nightmare. She came home and found me cooking, in the nude. And there were seven women in various states of undress in the kitchen with me. When she entered they all descended on her to tell her what a fool she is. She doesn't like being called a fool.

So, was I supposed to appologies for being nude in a dream with seven semi-nude women?


  1. Well, I hope you weren't frying bacon! Those splatters hurt! Tell her next time you'll wear an apron!

  2. Tell her to put the crack pipe down before bed. That'll go over well.

  3. hahaha @soiled dove's comment

    Aww I get like that too, actually. If hubby wakes me up from a dream where he's not being a good boy, I'll be pissed off at him.. lol

    It's the hormones.. I hope..