Saturday, January 24, 2009

Best Birthday Party I've Been To

Argh, I just wrote this great post, and this thing lost it instead of posting it.

So, back to what I said, second time is never as good.

Not even my birthday party. My step father bought a party at a charity auction at a local firehouse.

I totally get people wanting to be a fire fighter, or hanging out with them. Nine little girls (and my son made 10). Not only did they get to sit in the fire truck (and engine, and I know the difference now) but they took them around the block, lights and sirens and all. They let them shoot the hose at some cones, climb the ladder, go to the top of the training building. They invited the lady firefighters from the next station to come over. Then cake and something to drink.

And the party came with its own photographer, so pics will follow. It was great. The firefighters were really cool (and buff for all you girl readers). This was a birthday that will be long remembered.


  1. maybe if you pressed save instead of publish, the post might still be there as a draft?

    Now THAT sounds like a cool party idea! what fun!

  2. That does sound like a great party!!