Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Friends, Flight, Relationship and Change

Yesterday was my daughter's ninth birthday (side bar, she is so cute you wouldn't believe it). She wanted Chinese food for dinner, well, she wanted pot stickers, that girl could live on pot stickers. At the end of dinner we all picked out our fortune cookies.

to paraphrase

"You will always have your friends around you at a time of need"
"A flight is in your future, taking you to fun"
"A new and exciting relationship is in your future"
"You will go through more changes before you find peace"

Guess which was mine.


  1. probably the last one.. but the flight one would be fun..

  2. I'm voting for number 3, but you can always take a flight to Jersey and I'll take you to the best bars around. Oh wait, I don't drink.. dammit! Strike that.. :(

  3. I think you ate four cookies. :) I hope you did.

  4. you got the last one, right? Are you gonna tell us?