Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So, we had our "date" to talk. Disappointing. It was avoidance, denial, and reinventing history. But I was not about to get into another big fight about the same old stuff. So, I listened as much as I could. There are a lot of things whilling around in her head. And not a whole lot of them are connected. She seems to have forgotten almost everything she doesn't want to remember. Invented things to fill in the gaps. She tells me things and then contridicts herself in the next sentence. Her interpretation of me, and what I'm about, and what I say is abstract, at best. Its just like the "meatloaf" fight all over again. But we didn't fight. I had a crappy day yesterday, and it would have been easy to fight, but I just didn't want to go there. But we still have way way too much stuff to resolve. And its not getting resolved.