Monday, January 5, 2009

The saga continues

Just another weekend, with another plowing of the same ground. Same outcome. And yet she was surprised. She thought things were so much better. The more she can ignore the issues the happier she is, and the more surprised she is that I'm not happy. So, we left things in that same space. We have a "date" to talk tomorrow night. This morning she said she was committed to working things out. I think what that means is she is committed to standing her ground no matter what.


  1. Maybe she has finally hit a place where she truly does want to work things out. I hope so for your sake.

  2. I moved some things around in my blog, and my list of followers is now at the top. that should make it easier for you to add me.

  3. The talk should be interesting. I however, am a total pessimist that believes there are some people who just can not ever truly change.

    I was told this once about the abusive boyfriend that I had: "Some people are just broken, and you cannot fix them."

    This was so true. I loved him, felt sorry for him, because he had had a truly heinous life; with his mother dying when he was an infant, an abusive, druggy father..the list goes on.. I wanted to help him and show him what good people were like and what love meant. I tried for 4 years and ended up with some black eyes, some bruises and the bitter jadedness that I am..