Monday, March 16, 2009

Geeze-up Christ on a Crutch

So, just an up date.

My first leg from San Francisco to Denver was full of excitement since we had a medical emergency onboard. So, maybe we'll set down in Salt Lake, no, we'll keep going. Priority approach to Denver. Exciting, but we get in.

Second leg, Denver to Baltimore. No, wait, Denver to Chicago. We can't land in Baltimore because the Instrument Landing System isn't working. So, as long as we can see the runway we're cool. Let's go to Chicago where they might have the part to fix the plane. Yup. Two hours later we can continue. So

Third leg, Chicago to Baltimore. Yes we made it, two hours late. Thank god the bar serves dinner, the resteraunt has closed.

God I love travel. (sorry for those in the industry, but this is happening way more often these days)


  1. Yeah, I kinda like seeing the runway too. And hey, Cool! they had the part...that's better than Autozone.

    Glad to hear you are safe. Been thinking about you.

  2. I haven't flown since November, and flew very frequently for 4 years. Never had too many problems but it is nice not to deal with airport drama.

  3. Oh, the adventure of it!! Glad you made it. How's the lag?

  4. i dont think i've ever had a non-troubled flight. Denver airport sucks

  5. Sorry you had such troubles.
    Pick a better airline =-)