Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So, the sound of summer starting came over the weekend. A low rumble that built and built and built. It sounds like a flock of Harley Davidsons coming up the hill. That low throaty rumble. Then you can see it, coming straight at you

Every year just before Memorial Day a couple of WWII bombers come here for their annual visit. Because of where the house is, they fly over a couple times a day, for about a week. I'm kind of an airplane geek. So, this is pretty cool. On Sunday one of the planes flew over just a couple hundred feet up. The sound of the engines was pretty cool. I can't imagine what a hundred of these things flying in formation would sound like. Oh, and this year there is an added attraction. A P-51. They love to fly it over the house too. Pretty cool way to start summer

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  1. Most I ever heard was six of them at once, and a few others with them: C-47, couple of P-51s (little friends) and a B25. Like you, I wondered as the valley shook what a few hundred sounded like. I got to fly one for ten minutes and twice have got a ride in a P 51. Pretty cool indeed.